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Khurshid to sue "guttersnipe" Kejriwal

London, Oct 11 (RDI): An infuriated Indian Law Minister Salman Khurshid called social activist turned politician Arvind Kejriwal a guttersnipe and vowed to teach him a lesson by taking him to cou
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London, Oct 11

An infuriated Indian Law Minister Salman Khurshid called social activist turned politician Arvind Kejriwal a guttersnipe and vowed to teach him a lesson by taking him to court for allegations of siphoning off money by him and his wife from an NGO the couple runs in their constituency in Uttar Pradesh for the physically challenged.

"I think what he has done is worse than behaving like guttersnipes. Only answer they deserve is a suitable suit filed in court and both will be done, a civil and criminal proceedings," said Khurshid speaking to NDTV in London on Wednesday.

"Do you think I am mad that I will be siphoning off money when we are working for 15 years. This is my constituency, you do not cheat people in your constituency," said Khurshid referring to the charge that they embezzled money of his wife Louise’s NGO in Khurshid’s constituency Farrukhabad. 

The law minister also slammed the TV channel Aaj Tak for bringing corruption charges against him and his wife. The channel alleged that the Zakir Husain Memorial Trust run by the couple embezzled money by forging signatures of the government officials.

Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday called for the resignation of  Salman Khurshid after he and his wife were implicated in the sting operation by the news channel over alleged financial impropriety.

Kejriwal who launched his own political party last week also called for the arrest of Khurshid’s wife and said he will lead a group of people on Friday to "gherao" the residence of Congress president Sonia Gandhi in protest.

Kejriwal’s comments come following a sting operation by Aaj Tak channel that alleged that an NGO headed by Khurshid, and in which his wife is the chief functionary, siphoned off lakhs of money that was meant to help physically challenged people in Uttar Pradesh.

An angry Khurshid said "we will teach them [Kejriwal] a lesson."

Khurshid said Kejriwal should first explain what he has been doing all his life.

"We will take care of Kejriwal," said Khurshid indicating that he would be taken to court.

He said they would not descend to "the language and culture" of Kejriwal, but "we will give it in the court." 

The Union Minister and his wife vehemently denied any wrongdoing and in a statement said it was "painful and sad to see the work of the entire trust being tarnished" by the statements of a few individuals, "the veracity of whose claims has not been established”.

Kejriwal however said, "We demand an urgent FIR. His wife, who is the project director, should be arrested. Because they are a powerful family, they will destroy evidence and put pressure on witnesses."

He also added that it was "sad that the country's law minister heading an NGO that is involved in corruption" and that he should resign immediately.

Kejriwal’s attack comes amidst an ongoing offensive against the ruling Congress party where he has accused party chief Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra of enabling government favours for real estate giant DLF in return of kickbacks.

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